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Meet Collin Holloway

Our Community’s Choice for State House

My name is Collin Holloway. I come from a single parent home and my family has always been working class. My mom worked in retail and fast food to support us growing up. This modest childhood has taught me the value of hard work and helping others out. I've always felt a need to help others. I have lived my whole life as a part of the working class and I have seen with my own eyes the needs of the common people and the disconnect our elected representatives have with us. My original career plan was in video game programming, but life has taken me down a different path of service. I've been involved with politics on a grassroots level since I've been old enough to vote and I view politics as the best tool with which to do the most amount of good. In order to protect our freedoms of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness we need representation in the legislature and laws that will protect our freedom.

key issues

Affordable Housing

Housing is a human right, everybody should have a roof over their head and no one should struggle to afford to pay for their housing.

Voting Rights

Voting is one of the most patriotic duties of every American and we should take every measure to protect their ability to do so. Voting day should be a state holiday, there must be a requirement for enough polling sites to ensure everyone has the chance to vote in a reasonable amount of time, all South Carolinians should be automatically registered to vote, ranked choice voting must be implemented so everyone can vote for the prefered candidates, and ballot initiatives for the most important issues should be voted on each election.

Workers Rights

The people of South Carolina don't just deserve a minimum wage, they deserve a living wage. Not only will I create a living wage but I will also strengthen our unions, making it easier for our workers to organize and demand the fair compensation and treatment we deserve.


I believe all South Carolinians should be able to see the doctor of their choice and the only people involved in a medical decision should be them and their doctor. The government shouldn't have the power to control what medical procedures South Carolinians can or cannot choose to undergo. Healthcare should be accessible to all South Carolinians, we all know that access to healthcare is a necessity and that limiting people's ability to use it through excessive cost and bureaucracy is deadly. We've seen with the Opioid epidemic and Covid-19 that we cannot wait any longer and sacrifice any more lives.

"The people of South Carolina don't just deserve a minimum wage, they deserve a living wage."

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Mailing Address: 105 Summer View Rd, Summerville, SC, 29486